Some updates about the new Vega Strike website.

Except the overall improvement of the aesthetics of the website, I have added an Atom RSS feed to the website, that you can subscribe to with your favourite client. Additionally, I have added links to all of the important places of our community, so you’ll be able to get from here to where ever you need. Feel free to add or change the content of this website through it’s Github.

Coming up soon:

  • Transfer of the community’s forums from phpBB to Discourse, without loss of history!
  • Our first proper release since the project’s revival - V0.6.0 is just around the corner!

We’re looking for testers, content creators, package maintainers, and just about anyone who’s willing to help. If you have something to offer, just hop over to our Gitter channel and talk to our dev team.

Hope to see you around,