To help all understand our release targets, the following outlines what we are aiming for with new release.

At this time this is not a strict road map. That is, we will not reject work from future targets while working on earlier targets unless it blocks our effort on the existing targets. If a future target gets completed earlier then we may update the road map and related milestones to reflect that it will fall under an earlier release.

Release 0.6.0

Milestone Theme: Resurrecting Vega Strike - We Can Release!

Minor release, to get things going.


  • Release Linux and MacOS binaries, to begin receiving feedback from users.
  • Release source code that compiles cleanly.


  • If Windows compilation will be fixed/figured out in the near time, a subsequent release from this branch will be made with Windows binaries.
  • Big changes and refactorings will be in future releases.

Release 0.7.0

Milestone Theme: Removing Code


  • drop networking support
  • remove unnecessary code
  • get things under a big better management

Release 0.8.0

Milestone Theme: Moving from Python 2 to Python 3


  • Update the Vega Strike Engine to use Python 3


  • This will need to be paired with a release of our Asset Repositories that have also been upgraded to support Py3.