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Open Source 3D Space Flight Sim: Trade, Fight, Explore

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What is Vega Strike?

Vega Strike is an Open Source Cross-Platform 3D Space Flight Simulator that allows a player to explore, trade, and fight in the vast open space. You start in an old beat up cargo ship, with endless possibilities before you and just enough cash to scrape together a life. Yet danger lurks in the space beyond.

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Latest news

Release Roadmap

We have published an initial plan of Vega Strike’s upcoming releases:

Currently the plan:


Community updates

Some updates about the new Vega Strike website.

Except the overall improvement of the aesthetics of the website, I have added an Atom RSS feed to the website, that you can subscribe to with your favourite client. Additionally, I have added links to all of the important places of our community, so you’ll be able to get from here to where ever you need.


New Vega Strike website is up!

The new Vega Strike website is up and running. Now we just need to add some content to it, to make it relevant.

Vega Strike is coming back to life. Feel free to download the latest code from Github.